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In 2010 Paul Gallagher founded Scutti GB Ltd and set on a mission to create a new eye catching sportswear and lifestyle brand.

His first task was a logo, he wanted a sporty, easily recognisable image that looked good on clothing, but flowed with the shape of a running shoe. His inspiration came from seeing dolphins leaping and diving in the sea.

His next task was the brand itself. Thinking along comparisons with speed, sprinting or a dash; he thought of a runner as he or she 'scooted' passed everyone. Not liking the work 'scooted', it evolved to 'scooting' and finally finished with 'scutti' (pronounced scooti).

With Trademarks registered it was still, at this stage, just an idea. It would be many years later and a lot of personal sacrifice and determination before the brand became active as what you see here today.