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From little acorns mighty oaks do grow

Scutti GB Ltd is a British Company and Brand with its roots in the Lancashire town of Wigan, which is famous for Wigan Athletic (English FA Cup Winners 2013) and Wigan Rugby (Challenge Cup and Grand Final Winners 2013).

Covering the UK and Ireland, Scutti GB provides exciting and different trendy designs across retro and trendy sportswear and lifestyle fashion clothing. With their ever expanding range, they hope to soon include footwear and accessories.

As a growing company in comparison to our competitors, Scutti GB has big plans to branch out and expand globally within 7 years and, in fact, already have distributors in Australia. Thus allowing wearers to break out from the crowd with their retro and funky sportswear and lifestyle fashions, some of which are special limited editions.

With in-house and overseas manufacturing and supply, all of our products are made to order with delivery within 14 days (if items are in stock, delivery can reduced to 3 days).

Personalise, for a small additional charge, we can personalise and add any of our designs to any colour T-shirt of your choice. Obviously, as in all things, there are limitations, but please do ask and we will do our utmost for you. We pride ourselves on our personal service.

You too can design your own Scutti sportswear!